The three series of Carrier ductless systems, Infinity®, Performance™, and Comfort™ series, provide different features and benefits. Our enhanced set of ductless systems falls under our Performance™ series, providing a comfortable balance between performance and price.

What are the benefits of a Performance™ series system?

Carrier’s Performance™ series offers the perfect balance between efficiency and affordability, making it the enhanced option of our ductless systems. This series includes the widest variety of indoor units including: High Wall, Cassette, Ducted, and Floor Console Indoor Units. The versatility of placements for these Performance™ units gives you a solution for comfort in almost any space.

Apart from placement, each system includes a “Follow Me” feature, able to sense the temperature with a handheld remote control. They also feature multiple fan speeds, quiet sound performance, and other additional benefits. The Performance™ series includes both multi-zone and single-zone systems, giving you the ability to control comfort in up to five separate spaces or individually. Single-zone systems can be the perfect solution for a room addition or converted space.

By finding a Carrier dealer in your area, you can discuss which placement would be the most beneficial for your space. Flexible placement, versatility, and affordability are just a few of the many reasons Performance™ systems are great options. Find your local dealer by clicking here.