The idea of sunrooms first came about in the United States in Atlanta, Georgia; however, the concept has been around for decades. The structure and purpose of sunrooms remain the same now as they used to. Most sunrooms consist of three walls and are attached to the side of a house, providing a space to entertain or simply kick back and relax. For some homeowners, these fun additions can even be considered a fashionable add-on that gives the home a little more charm.

Whether sunroom walls are screened in or made of glass, heating and cooling control can be difficult to maintain. Although the structure is referred to as a “sunroom,” the temperature inside can drop tremendously during the colder months of the year. A Carrier Mini Split is the perfect solution for keeping your space warm year-round. Our ductless heat pumps prevent random temperature swings and will keep your sunroom comfortable at any desired temperature. For the warmer months, you may want an indoor air conditioning unit to keep your sunroom cool and sweat-free. A Carrier Mini Split is your one step away from complete comfort all year round, whether you’re seeking warmth or a cooled space.

You should be able to use your space how you want, whenever you want, outside of seasonal restrictions. Find your local Carrier dealer to purchase a mini split system today. Say goodbye to the room that’s always too hot or too cold, and say hello to comfort.