The term “bungalow” has various meanings when referring to the architectural design of these simplistic buildings. Originating in India in the mid-1800s, bungalow homes were easy to construct, sat low to the ground, and had low-pitched roofs to deal with warmer climates. Bungalows had yet to appear in the United States until the early 20th century, as home owners and builders began to realize the benefits of this infrastructure. Bungalows could be constructed of wood, stone, brick, or concrete, which allowed for an easy, quick assembly. One to one-and-a-half story bungalows were affordable, practical, and perfect for newly married couples, young families, and first-time home buyers. Bungalows can still be found all around the United States, as they can be the perfect option for the family dynamics mentioned above.

Although bungalows have a smaller layout than most homes, temperature control and circulation may be lacking. Carrier’s Mini Splits are small, ductless systems that will fit in almost any space of your home and can be set to the temperature you desire. Mini Splits are quiet, non-intrusive, and the perfect option for smaller bungalow homes that need a little extra peace and quiet. With our ductless systems, the installation process is simple and affordable, yet efficient.

Consisting of one or more indoor units and one outdoor unit, Mini Splits are extremely beneficial for an already furnished space that lacks room for a large appliance. Our multi-zone systems deliver perfect temperature control in every room, as each individual unit can be set to your liking from your Carrier remote. By selecting the rooms you want to heat or cool, you can save overall energy being omitted throughout your home. Their low sound performance also makes these ductless systems desirable for Bungalow owners. Carrier’s Mini Split indoor units remain almost visibly and audibly unnoticed, providing the best comfort with little cost.

For questions on how to purchase your own ductless system, find a Carrier dealer near you. Your answer to comfort is just a phone call away.