Simple Sign Up

Quick online registration for dealers

Digital Marketing

SEM, social media, and display network marketing

Flexible Pricing

Choose how much you want to spend on lead generation

Customer Feedback

Ensure your company’s performance is always top-tier

First things first:

Simple Sign Up

Signing up for the dealer portal only takes 10 minutes. Start by entering your business details including:

  • HVAC Partners Dealer Number
  • Address
  • Email
  • Phone Number

Select your company’s primary zip code and add additional zip codes as desired. We recommend a minimum of 10 zip codes to increase leads and effectiveness. It’s as simple as that!

Next, let’s promote your business.

Digital Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is a powerful marketing tactic for when a customer is actively searching for a solution. Ads are displayed to customers that have searched a relevant term, increasing your visibility online.

Display Network Marketing reminds customers of their interests or products they have recently searched for. These advertisements (shown on the left) encourage the customers to continue the decision making process.

better your business

Customer Feedback

Customer feedback surveys are automatically generated and sent to customers after the first contact and after the install is complete.

Feedback is extremely important for self improvement and understanding your customers needs, wants, and expectations. Make sure your performance is always top-tier!

How’s it work?

Leads are generated through a step-by-step process.

Acquire Customer


Customers are drawn to through SEM, digital marketing, or social media.

Gather Information


Once they decide they want to inquire about a mini split, the customer inputs their zip code, finds a local dealer, and fills out a form which gathers customer specifics.

Attain Lead


After the customer inputs their information, the lead is then sent to one individual dealer within that zip code. Leads sent to the dealer will cost an additional $50/lead.
(If multiple dealers purchase the same zip code, the dealer who attains that lead is chosen through a round robin selection process.)

Finalize with Install


The dealer will reach out to the customer and proceed with the purchase process. Once complete, customers will provide feedback about their experience.

How much does it cost?

The initial start up fee is shown below. Additional subscriptions are $50 per month/per zip code.

Had enough convincing?

Sign up for Carrier Mini Split’s dealer program by clicking below.