Carrier’s Performance™ series offers a third type of mini split systems: a Cassette Indoor Unit. This system blends into your over-head space for complete, out-of-the-way comfort. If you have a newly renovated or already furnished space, this mini split system offers the perfect balance between performance and price.

With three available fan speeds, this system provides customized comfort control set to your liking. It also offers the convenience of a temperature-sensing handheld remote, continuously adjusting so that the desired temperature is met. Because this system is installed overhead, you won’t have to worry about equipment taking up space or disturbing the room’s ambiance.

Similar to all other ductless systems, installation is a breeze – no tearing open walls, patching, or repainting required! Once your unit is installed, you can begin enjoying customized comfort right away. It also features quiet sound performance, so you can peacefully relax in your space.

Our Carrier experts can answer any additional questions or concerns about purchasing or installing a cassette mini split. If this system sounds like the best option for your space, find your local dealer by clicking here.

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For more information about the Performance™ Cassette Indoor Unit, click here.