Almost everyone has a room that always seems drafty, a sunroom that gets too hot to be enjoyable, a master bedroom that’s just not cool enough at night or a basement that never gets quite warm enough to be comfortable.

A Carrier Ductless or VRF system is the perfect solution for these common problems and every room in your home or business. When you contact us, we will put you in touch with the right dealer for you. In order to get the most accurate price and ensure that they system is sized properly for the room or rooms that it will go in, a representative will need to visit your location. The representative will look at several things important to the installation: location for the equipment to be installed; any possible challenges for the install; routing for the line set and wiring for the unit; the size of the room that is going to be heated or cooled. The representative will then determine where the indoor and outdoor units will be installed for this system.

The day that the install occurs the installing technician will be able to install your new ductless system with minimum disturbance to the existing structure. Meaning in most cases you will be able to immediately enjoy your new ductless system without having to repair walls or repaint a room. The technician will then be able to show you all of the great features of your new system and answer any questions that you might have.