In the mid 19th-century, a new type of structure called a “lanai” began to appear throughout the homes of Hawaii. This add-on room resembled a roofed structure, similar to a porch or sunroom. This “lanai” allowed homeowners and guests to enjoy the warm weather while protecting themselves from the sun. As lanais became more popular, other states within the warmer climates of the U.S., such as Florida and California, began to adapt this airy structure within their own homes. Over the years, homeowners began to enclose these covered patios, resembling what many often call sunrooms. If your lanai is enclosed, we have the perfect answer to mastering control of your added space.

If you’re familiar with lanais, then you’re also familiar with the fact that temperature control is near to impossible without a little extra help. A Carrier mini split system helps control and maintain the temperature of your space at the touch of a button, no matter how hot the surrounding environment gets. As weather is often unpredictable, taking advantage of your Lanai during rainy or sweltering days is often desired, but uncomfortable. Our ductless Mini Splits can keep your lanai cool and comfortable with as little as two units, without disrupting the infrastructure. Even as the conditions of your lanai change, Mini Splits adjust motor speeds and comfort capacity to ensure smooth, consistent temperature while lowering your utility bill, too.

The overall purpose of a mini split system is to deliver comfort where standard central air can’t. If your lanai needs a little extra cooling, find your local Carrier dealer today.