Cape Cod Homes first showed up in the United States as early as the 17th Century when Puritan Settlers first traveled to New England. They brought styles with them from their English Homeland and adapted for the weather of the New England area. Jump forward to modern day and we are still looking for methods to better adapt this timeless architecture to the weather patterns that are experienced every year. Carrier has developed the perfect comfort solution for these beautiful homes, the Carrier Ductless Mini Split System.

Mini Splits are the perfect solution for these older homes that did not originally have air conditioning. A mini split system is able to be installed with minimum disturbance of the existing living spaces. This means that a mini split system can be installed easily compared to a traditional air conditioner as there is not ductwork to run through the walls or large equipment to try and hide somewhere in the home. A mini split system in its simplest form consists of two parts: a small outdoor unit and a small indoor unit. The indoor unit is often installed high on a wall where it will remain unnoticed and provide the indoor comfort that you want.

Times may change and the requirements of a home will change with them, but two things that will remain constant is the charm of a Cape Cod style home and the ability for Carrier to bring you the indoor comfort that you desire. Find a dealer now to help you with the air conditioning solution for your Cape Cod home.

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