Simply put, mini splits are ductless air conditioners or heat pumps that consist of at least one indoor unit and one outdoor unit. These units are typically installed with little disruption to the infrastructure of your space, making many individual rooms, homes, and businesses the perfect option for a mini split system. Although hundreds of mini splits are installed within residential homes each year, there are other spaces that can greatly benefit from a ductless system.


Smaller businesses may have trouble heating or cooling the entirety of their space. When businesses have many rooms but only a single source of heating or cooling, equal distribution of your desired temperature may be hard to achieve. A multi-zone mini split system can heat several offices from a single outdoor unit, allowing individual rooms to be heated or cooled at different temperatures, as seen on the right. This option caters greatly to your employees and their desired temperature preferences.


No one likes to eat in a restaurant that’s too hot or too cold. When your guests choose your restaurant for their dining experience, they want to be comfortable in any season. Whether your restaurant is a renovated building, a converted home, or a stand-alone space, a ductless system may be your solution to providing guests with maximum comfort. As renovation is often costly, ductless mini splits save you from having to repaint a room or repair a wall. After your system is installed, your customers can enjoy its benefits instantly.


Schools are another great example of rooms within multi-story buildings where temperature may not be equally distributed. As it may be harder to heat classrooms on the basement floor rather than the top floor for example, mini splits can provide your students with peak comfort, enabling a better learning environment. As mini splits are installed quickly and have minimal intrusion to the surrounding area, your classroom will have little to no disruption.

If you think your space may benefit from a ductless system or have any remaining questions, find a dealer in your area to get the purchase process started.